QOTD - Which of the following method of soil conservation can be useful in the coastal or dry regions?

2019-09-21 | Team PendulumEdu


A. Contour ploughing

B. Terrace farming

C. Shelter belts

D. Rock Check dams



Shelter belts: In this method of soil conservation trees are planted in a row to check the wind movement so that the soil layer can be protected. This method is useful mainly in the coastal and dry regions.

Contour ploughing: This soil conservation method is useful on the slope of hills where the ploughing of the field is done parallel to the contour of hill slope forming a natural barrier for the water to flow down the slope.

Terrace farming:  In this type of farming, broad flat steps are made on the steep slopes of the mountains. The practice is done to grow crops on the hilly areas and also for conserving the soil. This method was invented by the Inka people of South America.

Rock Check dam: The rocks are piled up to form a small barrier or dam which slow down the flow of water. This method prevents formation of gullies and further soil loss.

Hence, (C) is the correct answer.

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