QOTD- The statue of which of the following 19th century ruler is inaugurated recently in Lahore?

2019-06-28 | Team PendulumEdu


   A. Yashwantrao Holkar

   B. Ranjit Singh

   C. Tatya Tope

   D. Mahadji Shinde

Sol: B

Pakistan inaugurated life-size bronze statue of Maharaja Ranjit Singh on 27th June on the occasion of his 180th death anniversary. The eight-feet tall statue shows Ranjit Singh riding a horse which was gifted to him by Dost Mohammad Khan (founder of Barazkai dynasty). The statue has been placed outside the Mai Jindian Haveli in Lahore Fort. The haveli, named after the youngest queen, now houses exhibition of Sikh artefact.

A 22- feet tall bronze statue of Maharaja Ranjit Singh was unveiled in the Indian Parliament in 2003.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh was born in 1780 in Punjab in Sukerchakia Misl of the Sikh Confederacy. He survived smallpox in childhood but lost his left eye. After the death of his father, he declared himself as the “Maharaja of Punjab” at the age of 21. He fought several wars against Afghan forces and maintained friendly relations with the British. He was given various titles like Sher-e- Punjab, Maharaja of Lahore, Sarkar-i-Wallah, Lord of Five Rivers, etc. He died on 27th June 1839 due to various health complications. He was succeeded by his son Maharaja Kharak Singh.

Hence, B is the correct answer.

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