QOTD-Which of the following article of the Indian Constitution pertains to the Election Commission of India?

2019-07-25 | Team PendulumEdu


   A. Article 243

   B. Article 270

   C. Article 324

   D. Article 365


Article 324 of the Indian Constitution states that the power of superintendence, direction, and control of the elections to the Parliament, the president of India, the Vice- President, and the State legislatures, shall be vested in the hands of the Election Commission of India. 

Election commission of India is currently a multi-member body with the Chief Election Commissioner and two other election commissioners appointed by the President of India. The commission is an independent body responsible for conducting free and fair elections in India. The decision is taken by consensus, as all the members of the election commission have an equal share of the vote. The process of removal of the Chief Election Commissioner is similar to that of a Judge of Supreme Court, while the other election commissioners can be removed by the President on the recommendations of the Chief Election Commissioner.

Hence, c is the correct answer.

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