QOTD-How many 5 letter words can be formed using the letters of the word ‘GLASS’?

2019-07-24 | Team PendulumEdu


   A. 60

   B. 120

   C. 30

   D. 20


The word ‘GLASS’ is formed by 5 letters out of which 2 letters are the same.

The number of permutations or arrangements of n things out of which, n1 things are of type 1 and \(n_{2}\) things are of other types 2,…………., and \(n_{k}\) things are of type k.

=\(\frac{n!}{n1!n2!... nk!}\)

In the word ‘GLASS’, there are two ‘S’.

Therefore, 5 letter words that can be formed using the letters of the word ‘GLASS’ will be


= 60

Hence, (A) is the correct answer.

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