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The notification for the recruitment of ALP (Assistant Locomotive Pilot) had been released by Railway Recruitment Board in February 2018 on the official website. The CBT-1 for RRB ALP examination 2018-19 was conducted between 9th August 2018 and 31st August 2018. RRB ALP 2019 CBT-2 held on 21st, 22nd & 23rd January 2019. The result for RRB ALP CBT-2 2018-19 is also announced. The list of shortlisted candidates for the RRB ALP 2019 Computer-Based Aptitude test (CBAT) or Psychometric test was published on 6th April 2019 as per the CEN 01/2018 (ALP & Technicians Posts) notification by RRB. According to this notification, the RRB ALP 2019 Computer Based Aptitude Test is scheduled on 16th April 2019.

The exam pattern for RRB ALP 2019 Psychometric test

Mode of examination Online CBT
Language of question paper Only English & Hindi
Type of questions Multiple choice questions (MCQs)
Sections 5 test batteries
Content of the sections Instruction will be mentioned at the starting of each section, and all the questions of the section are to be solved as per the instruction
Test battery question content
  1. Memory test
  2. Following directions test
  3. Depth Perception test
  4. Test of power of observation
  5. Test of perceptual speed
Maximum marks for each question 1
Negative marking No
Minimum qualifying marks in each test battery 42
Mark calculation for shortlisting the candidates 70% marks of CBT-2 + 30% marks of CBAT

Sample questions for each section of the test battery

1. Memory Test

Sample question:

Question map: Observe the following figure and try to remember all the items in the figure.

Blank rail map: Mark the correct options in the following figure for the three-letter word that was present at that place in the Question map.

RCZ was present at

  • a) A
  • b) B
  • c) C
  • d) D

RCZ was present at the position ‘B’ in the question map.

Other types of questions that can be asked in this section are:

  • Picture-Number combinations
  • Map-based questions
  • Railway map based questions
  • Picture-picture combinations
  • Questions based on shapes, etc.…


2. Test for measuring the ability to follow directions

Sample question:

Directions (1-10): In this table test, you have to observe the given table and then answer the questions based on the table.

  Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5
Row 1 A B D B E
Row 2 E C E D B
Row 3 D C B A D
Row 4 B A B E C
Row 5 A D B D E

Sample question: which letter is most in column 3?

  • a) A
  • b) B
  • c) C
  • d) D
  • e) E

Answer to this question is ‘B’ as it is repeated three times in column 3.

Other types of questions that can be asked in this section are:

  • Questions based on arrangements of alphabets
  • Questions based on patterns of numbers


3. Brick test

Sample question:

In this brick test, you have to observe the figures made up of equal size bricks whose length, breadth, and depth ratio is 4:2:1. Observe these figures and answer how many blocks touch a particular block considering that contact of faces will only count as a contact between two bricks and contact of edges or vertices do not count as a touch.

Sample question:

Brick A touches how many bricks

  • a) 2
  • b) 3
  • c) 4
  • d) 5
  • e) 7

A total of 3 bricks reaches brick ‘A’ from their faces.

Other types of questions that can be asked in this section are:

  • Questions based on the pile of bricks
  • Questions based on the pile of blocks


4. Test of power of observation

Sample question:

In this memory test, you have to remember 21 figures and the 21 numbers which are written against the figures. Firstly you have been shown all the 21 figures with their respective numbers then based on the memory you have to match all the figures according to their respective numbers correctly.

Sample question: observe the following figure carefully and then answer accordingly.

The figure corresponds to which number

  • a) 45
  • b) 89
  • c) 23
  • d) 65

The answer to this question is 23.

Other types of questions that can be asked in this section are:

  • Questions for finding similar numbers
  • Questions to find numbers and number groups having specific digit from the given list of numbers or number groups.


5. Test of perceptual speed

Sample question:

Observe and compare the question and answer figures carefully and then further answer the questions.

Image a) is similar to

  • a) A
  • b) B
  • c) C
  • d) D
  • e) E

Image a) is identical to the answer figure (c).

PendulumEdu wishes good luck to all the candidates appearing for the RRB ALP Psychometry test.

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