RRB JE Railways Junior Engineer LIFE AFTER SELECTION

2019-05-09 | Team PendulumEdu

Well, who doesn’t want to bag a chance of having endless perks and attractive salary with the best workplace ever? Yes, we’re talking about the railway recruitement board of India. Being one of the largest recruiter in the world, (eighth biggest recruiter for the record) RRB is something that young engineers are choosing over private sector jobs. Why? Let’s see.

RRB offers various jobs for technical/nontechnical fields every year, and JE is one of them. The RRB junior engineer candidates are recruited for five specializations in all:

  1. Civil engineering
  2. Information technology engineering
  3. Mechanical engineering
  4. Electronics and telecommunication engineering
  5. Electrical engineering

RRB JE selection procedure: The selection procedure of RRB JE consists of four consequent stages:

  1. CBT I
  2. CBT II
  3. Document verification
  4. Medical fitness test

All of these selection stages are highly strict and specific in their conduct. The selection being tough and highly competitive, it is obvious that only the highly skilled candidates get through all the four stages. However, the life after selection is a whole different rollercoaster ride in itself. After one gets selected for the post of JE, there are new responsibilities and opportunities waiting at the other end.

Life after selection:

The life of a junior engineer is no less than a dream. As railway recruitment board is a very healthy and supportive environment for their employees to grow and progress, one definitely would get attracted to the lush amount of comfort, safety and luxury RRB provides. Some highlights of a RRB JE post are as follows:

  1. Great paycheck: One of the best things about the post of RRB JE is that the employee enjoys several allowances apart from their basic pay. The grade pay, house rent allowance, dearness allowance etc. are some of the extra allowances received by a junior engineer except from their basic pay.
  2. No recession: Surprisingly, there are no cuts o payments even during economic crash downs in RRB. One doesn’t ever need to worry about recessions.
  3. Free travelling: If you are a RRB JE, you get free travel passes for you and your family. One doesn’t need to worry about their travel expenses at all.
  4. Encouragement for health and fitness: RRB supports sports, health and fitness freaks. If you are someone who loves sports and fitness, you can always get yourself in one of the railway sports teams.
  5. Academia friendly: There are best schools and colleges with great educational facilities in railway colonies. And in addition to that, RRB provides study leaves to their employees who want to pursue higher education.
  6. Safe in terms of medical care: RRB provides best medical services in their own network. And if need be, they pay for your medical expenses at other hospitals as well.
  7. Top level education: The ones who get in RRB at an early age and are planning to start off their family, RRB colonies are the best places for your child’s education too!
  8. Desirable workplace: The environment of RRB workplace is far healthier and desirable than other equally paying private sector jobs. There is flexibility and freedom of selection, a supportive environment for the employees of railway board.
  9. Safety of job: You don’t ever need to worry about getting fired as long as you’ve not done anything illegal. RRB JE is one of the securest jobs in India.
  10. Fixed pensions after retirement: RRB is one of the government organizations that provides its employees with post retirement pension plans. Hence, you need not worry about sustaining yourself post retirement.
  11. Food and residence:  One of the best things about RRB is that it provides residential quarters and subsidized meals for their employees. 

Besides this, the work-life balance and the frequent promotions make RRB a better choice for young engineers.  The job definitely asks for much hard work, effort and time but given that they provide the best services to their employees apart from a good salary structure, all the hard work is worth it.




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