QOTD - Where was India’s first National Flag hoisted and in which year?

2019-08-15 | Team PendulumEdu


A. Lucknow, 1911

B. Kolkata, 1906

C. Lahore, 1922

D. Tripuri, 1939


The first national flag in India was hoisted on 7th August 1906 in the Parsee Bagan Square (Green Park) in Kolkata. The flag had three horizontal stripes of red, yellow and green color. In 1931, the flag officially adopted by the INC had three stripes of saffron, white and green color with Gandhi’s spinning wheel at the centre.

The present Indian national flag was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on 22nd July 1947.  The tricolor flag has saffron, white and green color with Ashoka Chakra (24 spoke wheel) in the centre. According to the Flag Code of India, 2002, the ratio of the National flag should be 2:3.

Currently, Karnataka Khadi Gramodyoga Samyukta Sangha, Hubli is the only licensed flag production and supply unit in India.

The national flag is hoisted by the Prime Minister of India from the Red Fort on the every Independence day. Today is the 73rd Independence Day.

Hence, B is the correct answer.

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