Question of The Day04-06-2022

Choose the most appropriate option to change the voice (active / passive) form of the given sentence.

Rajgopal knows my family.


Correct Answer : d ) My family is known to Rajgopal.

Explanation :

The given sentence is in active voice; we need to change it to passive.

Active Structure: Subject (Rajgopal) + verb (knows) + object (my family)

Passive Structure: Object (My family) + change of verb accordingly (given below) + to + subject (Rajgopal)

The following rules are used:

  • In simple present tense, verb (knows) will be changed as helping verb(is) + third form of verb(known) + to + subject (Rajgopal)
  • knows (active)– am known (passive)

Note: With the action word ‘know’, preposition ‘to’ is used and not ‘by’ in passive.

So, sentence in passive voice will be, “My family is known to Rajgopal”.

Hence, (d) is the correct answer.



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