Question of The Day22-04-2022

Which of the following is not properly matched?

Biosphere Reserves- State


Correct Answer : d ) Kanchenjunga- Himachal Pradesh

Explanation :

There are 18 Biosphere Reserves in India.

Simplipal Biosphere Reserve is located in Odisha. Kanchenjunga Biosphere Reserve is located in Sikkim.

Agyasthyamali Biosphere Reserve is spread across districts of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Nokrek Biosphere Reserve is located in Meghalaya.

Biosphere Reserve (BR) is an international designation by UNESCO for representative parts of natural and cultural landscapes extending over a large area of terrestrial or coastal/marine ecosystems or a combination thereof.

Biosphere Reserve Scheme is being implemented by the Government of India since 1986. Under this scheme, financial assistance is given in 90:10 ratio to the North Eastern Region States and three Himalayan states and in the ratio of 60:40 to other states for maintenance, improvement and development of certain items.

Hence, option (D) is correct.

This question was asked in GS paper 1 of UKPCS Prelims Exam 2012.



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