Question of The Day05-07-2022

Choose the most appropriate option to change the narration (direct / indirect) of the given sentence.

“Please let us submit the files today”, Raunak said.


Correct Answer : a ) Raunak requested to let them submit the files that day.

Explanation :

The given sentence is in direct speech; we need to change it to indirect.

  • For imperative sentences (which express command, request, suggestion, advice etc.), reporting verb (said) changes to suggested, advised, requested according to the context.
  • Here, it is a request, so ‘requested’.
  • today (direct) changes to ‘that day’ in indirect.
  • Commas and inverted commas are replaced with ‘to + V1/not to + V1 (for negative)’.
  • In the given sentence, it is ‘to let’ (to + first form of verb i.e. V1).
  • ‘us’ changes to ‘them’ as per the subject ‘Raunak’, who is addressing the whole group.

The indirect form is- ‘Raunak requested to let them submit the files that day.’

Hence, (a) is the correct answer.



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