Question of The Day13-06-2020

In this section, two sentences are given and you are required to find the correct sentence which combines both the sentences. Choose the correct response (a), (b), (c ), (d).

Tokyo is too exhausted. She could not breathe.


Correct Answer : a ) Tokyo is so exhausted that she could barely breathe.

Explanation :

The two sentences given are expressing a situation and the other is the effect of the same.

The reason why Tokyo could not breathe is because she is exhausted. To express it, we need to use the phrase ‘so…that’.

“So that” is used as a subordinate clause to show purpose or to give an explanation. It is used to show an action producing an intended result or a cause producing an effect.

In the given sentence, the intended effect is of not being able to breathe.

Hence, option A is the correct answer.

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