Question of The Day05-01-2020

According to the Indian State of Forest Report 2019-20, which state has the largest wetland area?


Correct Answer : d ) Gujarat

Explanation :

Indian State of Forest Report 2019 has been released by the Ministry of Environment and Forest and Climate Change. The total Tree and Forest cover increased by 5188 square Km from 2017-2019. Thus, the total forest and tree cover constitutes 24.56% of the total area.

The total forest cover is 21.67%, and the total tree cover is 2.89% of the country’s geographical area.

Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Kerala were the top three states that have shown an increase in forest cover.

The total wetland area in the country is 3.83% and the total number of wetlands located within Recorded Forest Areas (RFA) is around 8%. Gujarat has the largest area of wetlands, followed by West Bengal.

Hence, D is the correct answer.

Such type of question is frequently asked in various government exams like UPSC CSE, UPSC CDS, UPPCS, SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, IBPS PO, etc.

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