Question of The Day08-03-2020

Who among the following was known as King Makers in Mughal Empire?


Correct Answer : a ) Syed Abdullah Ali Khan and Syed Hussain Ali Khan

Explanation :

Syed Abdullah Ali Khan and Syed Hussain Ali Khan, known as the Sayyid brothers, became King Makers in the Mughal Empire after the death of Aurangzeb. Bahadur Shah I ascended the throne with the help of Sayyid brothers, and after his death, his successor Jahandar Shah was assassinated and his nephew Farrukhsiyar became the emperor with help of these brothers. In 1719, the brothers deposed and murdered Farrukhsiyar. Muhammad Shah killed Syed Abdullah Ali and fatally prisoned Syed Hassan Ali Khan to take back control of his rule.

Hence, A is the correct answer. 

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