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Who is the author of Kitab al-Bukhala?


Correct Answer : a ) Al Jahiz

Explanation :

Ibn Nadim’s Kitab al-Fihrist is a catalogue of works related to moral education and amusement. Its oldest works is a collection of animal fables under the name Kalila wa Dimna. Kalila wa Dimna is the translation of a Pahlavi version of the Panchtantra in Arabic. Kitab al-Fihrist also has stories of Alexander and Sindbad. Hassan Nizami is the author of Taj- ul –Maasir contains descriptions of Delhi Sultanate. He was a scholar in the court of Qutbuddin Aibak.

Firdausi is the author of Shahnama (Book of Kings). Firdausi completed Shahnama over a period of 30 years and has become an outstanding work of Islamic literature. It contains legends and poetically portrays Iran from creation up until the Arab conquest. Al Jahiz (Jahiz of Basra) is the author of Kitab al-Bukhala. Kitab al-Bukhala (Book of Misers) is a collection of interesting anecdotes about misers and provides analysis of greed.

Hence, (A) is the correct answer.

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