Question of The Day06-10-2019

Recently, which of the following bodies/institutions has released School Education Quality Index to evaluate the performance of States and UTs?


Correct Answer : c ) NITI Aayog

Explanation :

Recently, NITI Aayog released the first edition of the School Education Quality Index (SEQI) that is developed to evaluate the performance of the States and Union Territories in the school education sector. The aim of the index is to bring an outcome focus to education policy. The index provides an opportunity for the States and UTs to analyze their strengths and weaknesses and take required corrective measures. The index is developed in collaboration with Ministry of Human Resource and Development, the World Bank, sector experts, etc.

The index consists of 30 critical indicators that assess the overall effectiveness, quality, and efficiency of the school education system in India. The states and Union territories have been categorized into three groups- Large States, Small States and Union Territories. The States and UTs are ranked for overall performance considering reference year as 2016-17 and on the change of performance between the reference year and base year (2015-16).

Among the large states, Kerala has topped the overall performance rankings, while in small states, Manipur took the lead, followed by Tripura. Among the Union Territories, Chandigarh was placed at the top position followed by Dadra and Nagar Haveli.

Hence, (C) is the correct answer.

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