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120 people likes one or more of the three dishes, i.e. Gulkand, Rasmalai and Rasgulla. A total of 45 people like either Gulkand only or Rasmalai only. 11 people like all three dishes. A total of 22 people like any of the two dishes only. How many people like Rasgulla only?


Correct Answer : d ) 42

Explanation :

These types of questions can be solved easily with the use of venn diagram

So, depicting the number of people liking different dishes through venn diagram we get

Number of people who like Rasgulla only will be denoted by area shaded through purple region

Therefore, number of people liking Rasgulla only will be = Total people – People in all the shades other than purple shade

= 120 – (45 + 22 + 11) = 42 people

Hence, (d) is the correct answer.

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