Question of The Day02-12-2019

If the code for ‘PHILOGNY’ is ‘LTSPMUNC’ and the code for ‘BORED’ is ‘ZMJWX’, then what will be the code for ‘JUST’?


Correct Answer : d ) RGIH

Explanation :

If A is numbered as 1, B is numbered as 2, and so on until Z is being numbered as 27.

Thus, we can write ‘PHILOGNY’ as ‘16 8 9 12 15 7 14 25’

And, similarly can write ‘LTSPMUNC’ as ‘12 20 19 16 13 14 3’

Thus, the coding logic between ‘PHILOGNY’ and ‘LTSPMUNC’ can be described as

Similarly, the logic of the code for ‘BORED’ can be depicted as

Now, applying the same logic to the word ‘JUST’ we get

Thus, the code for ‘JUST’ will be ‘RGIH.’

Hence, (D) is the correct answer.

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