Question of The Day30-04-2021

The outermost layer of the earth is mainly composed of __________ and __________. 


Correct Answer : c ) Silicon and Aluminium

Explanation :
  • There are three different layers of the Earth- Crust, Mantle and Core.
  • Crust is the outermost layer of the earth and is mainly composed of silicon and aluminum.
  • It is made up of solid rocks and minerals. Oxygen constitutes about 46% weight of the Crust, it is followed by the Silicon which constitutes 28% of the Crust weight.
  • The crust is divided into plates which float on the mantle.
  • Average thickness of the Crust is about 30km.
  • It comprises less than 1% volume of the Earth.

Hence, option (C) is correct.

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