Question of The Day16-04-2022

Given below are four jumbled sentences. Pick the option that gives their correct order.

A.    Manufacturers will take that can from the bin.

B.    When you throw your soda can into a recycling bin, you probably never think of where it has been or where it is going. 

C.    Soda cans are one aluminum product that can be entirely recycled.

D.    They will process the aluminum and make new cans or other products.


Correct Answer : c ) BCAD

Explanation :

The recycling process of plastic has been explained.

  • It begins with B, where it has been explained that we are not aware of where the cans go, and we are unaware that they can be recycled. We simply discard it in a bin.
  • It has been mentioned that these soda cans are the ones that can be recycled. So, C comes next in order. How they are recycled is further explained.
  • The next step is that manufacturers get it from the bin. This has been mentioned in A.
  • Lastly, D will come, which tells what the manufacturers do to recycle the can.

Hence, (c), i.e., BCAD, is the correct answer.



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