Question of The Day01-02-2022

The question below consists of a set of labeled sentences. These sentences when properly sequenced form a coherent paragraph. Select the most logical order of sentences from among the options.

P- Most criminals want money or some other form of personal gain.

Q- Terrorism is the use or threat of violence to create fear and alarm.

R - Most terrorists commit crimes to support political causes.

S- But the goals of terrorists differ from those of ordinary criminals.


Correct Answer : c ) QSPR

Explanation :

The paragraph defines terrorism and differentiates it from crime.

The sentence which gives the basic definition of terrorism is Q, therefore, is the first sentence of the paragraph. 

The next to follow is S as it draws a comparison between terrorists and criminals. Sentence P elaborates on the mindset of criminals,

thus becomes the third in the para and the sentence Q brings us back to the main theme of the paragraph,

that is, terrorism, thus becoming the concluding sentence.

Hence (c) is the correct answer.



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