Question of The Day23-07-2022

Given below are four jumbled sentences. Pick the option that gives their correct order.

A.    Clearly focused, he intently casts his eyes downward.

B.    He leans forward, with his elbow on his knee and hand supporting his chin.

C.    This bronze sculpture is known as The Thinker.

D.    A man sits alone on a rock, absorbed in thought.


Correct Answer : c ) DBAC

Explanation :

The paragraph is a descriptive one about the sculpture 'The Thinker.'

  • It begins by describing it in D as a man sitting alone on a rock.
  • Then in B, he is leaning forward with a description of his elbow and chin placement. His body posture has been defined.
  • The next emphasis has been laid on his eyes as he was thinking something, i.e., casting his eyes downward, mentioned in A.
  • Lastly, in C, it is concluded and named that it is' The Thinker.'

Hence, (c), i.e., DBAC is the correct answer.



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