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A dishonest shopkeeper goes to his dealer for buying refined oil, but on purchase of every 1000 ml oil, he took 1200 ml oil from a dealer, as he used tempered weight. When the shopkeeper starts selling the oil, he used the weight so that every customer gets 800ml on a purchase of 1000 ml. He marks the oil price 10% above but gave an additional discount of 10%. What is the loss that has occurred to the customer?


Correct Answer : b ) 25%

Explanation :

Quick Approach:

As the customer gets 800 ml of oil instead of 1000 ml

So, on purchase of 800 ml, he loses 200 ml


QOTD 9 Jan Profit and Loss

Hence, (b) is the correct answer.

Basic Approach:

As the customer will face loss only because of the treachery of shopkeeper so he will face a loss of 200 ml which he didn’t get

Let us assume the price promised to the customer for 1000 ml oil is X

So, the promised price of 1 ml of oil = \(X \over 1000\)

As the customer gets 800 ml instead of 1000 ml of oil

So, he gets 800 ml of oil in X

Thus, the effective price paid by the customer for 1 ml of oil is = \(X \over 800\)


QOTD 9 Jan Profit and Loss Solution

⇒ 25%

Hence, (b) is the correct answer.

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