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A sum of ₹ 3200 amounts to ₹ 5000 in 2 years at r% of interest per annuum compounded annually. What will be the amount that sum yields in 1-year time period, if it is invested at the same rate of interest per annum compounded 6-monthly?


Correct Answer : d ) ₹ 4050

Explanation :

We know, that compound interest is the concept of interest on interest

For r rate of interest compounded annually ratio of amount and principal for first year will be (100 + r) : 100, while this ratio changes to (100 + r)2 : 1002 in second year and so on

Now, according to the question

\({({{100+r}\over 100})^2}={5000 \over 3200}\)

⇒1\({100+r \over 100}=\sqrt{25 \over 16}={5\over 4}\)

⇒ 400 + 4r = 500

⇒ r = 25 %

Now, if rate of interest start compounding half yearly, then time period will be considered as 2 cycles of 6 months each

Then, Rate of interest for 6 months will be (r’) = 25/2 = 12.5%

Now, again the ratio of amount and principal will be (100 + r’)2 : 1002


\({({{100+r'}\over 100})^2}={X \over 3200}\)

\({({{100+12.5}\over 100})^2}={X \over 3200}\)

\({{{81}\over 64}}={X \over 3200}\)

⇒ X = ₹ 4050

Hence, (d) is the correct answer.

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