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Point A and B are on the opposite side of the hill and were 48 m and 12 m away from the foot of the hill respectively. The angle of elevation from Point A to the peak of the hill is complementary to the angle of elevation from point B to the peak of the hill. What is the height of the hill?


Correct Answer : c ) 24 m

Explanation :

According to the question

Let ∠DBA = θ and AD is the height of the Hill

A and B are on the opposite side of the Hill and were 48 m and 12 m respectively

Angle of elevation to the top of the hill to the point A and B is complementary

We know that two angles are complementary to each other if the sum is 90⁰.

⇒∠DBA = θ , ∠DCA = (90 – θ)

We know that

tanθ=\(p \over b\)

Where p is the perpendicular and b is the base of the triangle


tanθ=\(AD \over BD\)

Substituting the values

tanθ=\(AD \over 48\)……..(1)


tan(90-θ)=\(AD \over 12\)

We know that

tan(90 – θ) = cot θ

cotθ=\(1 \over \tan\ θ\)

⇒cotθ=\(AD \over 12\)

⇒tanθ=\(12 \over AD\)…….(2)

comparing equation (1) and (2)

\({AD \over 48}\)=\({12 \over AD}\)


⇒AD=\(\sqrt {576}\)

⇒AD=24 m 

Hence, (c) is the correct answer.

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