Question of The Day23-10-2021

It is predicted by the experts that water shortage is not far away, it would be a need of the hour to ____________ our water usage.

Select exactly two answer choices that best complete the sentence and produce sentences that are alike in meaning.

i. limit

ii. intensify

iii. amplify

iv. assuage

v. curtail

vi. pacify


Correct Answer : b ) i and v

Explanation :

It is being said in the first part of the sentence that in the coming future, water shortage will be faced. In the later part, it is said about what is required. In case of a shortage, we need to limit our water usage. So, words - limit and curtail are the required words.

Limit and Curtail means to reduce.

Intensify and Amplify means to increase.

Assuage and Pacify means to calm.

Looking at the above options, option B is the correct answer.



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