Question of The Day20-09-2022

Rearrange the given four phrases P, Q, R and S in a proper sequence to form a meaningful sentence and choose the option that gives the correct sequence.

P. late sixties

Q. he still enjoys vigorous

R. he is in his

S. health; although


Correct Answer : c ) QSRP

Explanation :

We can see that in R, it is said that he is in his, this will follow late sixties as from P, Q and S, it is the only option that is making meaning, so RP will be together. We can see that only in option C (QSRP), RP are together.\

We can see that in S, the part ends with although, which means before and after S, there are two contradictory phrases.

So, the sentence formed will be he still enjoys his vigorous health; although he is in his late sixties.

Hence, (c) is the correct answer.




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