Question of The Day07-06-2020

Consider the following about National Green Tribunal (NGT):

1. It is a statutory body.

2. India is the third country in the world to establish NGT after Australia and New Zealand.

Which of the above given statements is/are true?


Correct Answer : c ) Both 1 and 2

Explanation :

National Green Tribunal is a statutory body that was established under the National Green Tribunal Act, 2010. NGT is responsible for the disposal of matters related to environmental protection, conservation of forests and other natural resources.

India is the third country in the world that established National Green Tribunal after Australia and New Zealand.

Recently, LG Polymer India is held fully responsible for the loss of life and property due to Styrene Gas leakage in its factory in Vishakhapatnam by the National Green Tribunal.

Hence, the correct answer is C.

Such type of question is asked in exams like UPSC CSE, State PCS, UPSC CDS, etc.

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