Question of The Day25-05-2022

Which one of the following methods can be used to obtain highly pure metal which is liquid at room temperature?


Correct Answer : c ) Distillation

Explanation :

Metal which is liquid at room temperature is Mercury (Hg). Mercury has a low boiling point as compared to other metals. Distillation is used in cases where the Boiling point of impurities is more than boiling point of metal. For example- Zinc, Cadmium, Mercury.

Zone refining is used to purify a crystalline material and especially a metal having a low melting point. For example- Tin, Lead, Bismuth.

Chromatography is the technique used for separating the components or solutes of a mixture.

Electrolysis is a process used in the extraction of metals from their ores.

Hence, option (C) is correct.



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