Question of The Day09-01-2022

Bharatiya Pravasi Divas is celebrated every _____ year on _______.


Correct Answer : c ) 1 year, 9 January

Explanation :

Bharatiya Pravasi Divas or NRI Day is observed in India every year on 9 January. The day marks the return of Mahatma Gandhi to India South Africa in 1915. Pravasi Divas is celebrated to strengthen the engagement of the overseas Indian community with the Government of India and reconnect them with their roots.

The 16th PBD Convention was held virtually on 9 January 2021 in New Delhi. The theme of 16th PBD Convention 2021 was "Contributing to Aatmanirbhar Bharat". From 2003 till 2015, the PBD Convention was held every year. After 2015, it format was changed to once in two years. 

Hence, option (c) is correct.



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