Question of The Day09-03-2022

At which place did Raja Ranjit Singh set up the Adalat-i-Ala?


Correct Answer : b ) Lahore

Explanation :

Ranjit Singh, also known as Sher-e-Punjab or "Lion of Punjab," was the first Maharaja of the Sikh Empire, ruling the northern Indian subcontinent in the early nineteenth century.

He was born on November 13, 1780, in Budrakhan, or Gujranwala, now in Pakistan, and died on June 27, 1839, in Lahore, now in Pakistan.

He was also the founder and Maharaja of the Sikh Empire of Punjab (1801–39).

In the name of Sarkar-i-Khalsa, he founded a government.

In Lahore, there was an Adalat-i-Ala that heard appeals from district and provincial courts.

Hence, option (b) is correct.



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