Question of The Day30-11-2022

Which of the following is not a vestigial organ?


Correct Answer : d ) Pancreas

Explanation :

Vestigial organs are those organs that have ceased to be of any use to the possessor but still persist generation after generation in a reduced form. In humans, some vestigial organs are present e.g. pinna, vermiform appendix and wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth are smaller and less complex than other molars. We hardly use our wisdom teeth for chewing our food.

Vermiform appendix projects from the blind end of the caecum (a part of large intestine). It is a functionless organ in humans.

Pinna is the projecting lobe like part of the external ear. It is functionless.

Pancreas secrets the insulin hormone and helps in maintaining the glucose level in the blood.

Hence, option (d) is correct. 



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