Question of The Day13-10-2021

Match the scientists listed under column I with their discovery listed under column II.

Column I

Column II



A. Theory of natural selection

1. Watson & Crick

B. Theory of inheritance of acquired characters

2. Gregor Mendel

C. Genes (Factors)

3. Charles Darwin

D. Helical structure of DNA

4. Jean Bapiste de Lamarck



Correct Answer : b ) A-3, B-4, C-2, D-1

Explanation :

Watson & Crick proposed the double-helical structure of DNA for which they were awarded Nobel Prize in 1962.

Gregor Mendel studied how the character transfers from parents to their offsprings. He states that the genes, which are located on the chromosome help in transfers of character from parents to their offsprings.

Charles Darwin proposed the theory of natural selection.

Jean Bapiste de Lamarck came out with an evolutionary theory and proposed that driving force behind this was the inheritance of acquired characters.

So, the correct answer is ‘Option B’.




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