5 Ways to Use the Internet for Educational Purposes

2022-11-08 | Abhilash Singh

The internet is a vast sea of content full of information and E-learning has evolved a lot in the past few years as students refer to the internet more for study materials. But the content you wish to discover isn't always easy to find. You may end up searching through numerous sites and apps looking for the perfect piece of information to help you study better. Oftentimes the content you find is of poor quality and not relevant.

Five Ways to use Internet by Students in Education

Besides websites, you can use social media as well for educational purposes. From obtaining lecture videos from field experts to holding live lectures, there are plenty of options to take advantage of. In this article, we will list some of the useful resources that are available for students as well as teachers.

Here are some ways you use the internet for educational purposes.

Zoom Meetings

Since many programs are now offered online, many tools are used to enhance the experience of online learning. One such example is Zoom which is used for video conferencing. Teachers can conduct online classes without having to travel to different locations and communicate with their students face-to-face. 

You can also book a lesson with a private tutor and conduct online sessions through your laptop or smartphone and you can choose to turn on or off your camera.  

Instagram as An Educational Tool

Since most teens and grownups spend plenty of their time surfing through Instagram, why not use it for educational purposes so that it can benefit them as well? Students and even teachers can develop and learn new skills using this platform.

For example, you watch Instagram stories of medical experts, educational pages and many other study-oriented pages to gain knowledge about your medical field. If you wish to get back to them, you can use story saver Instagram and store the videos on your device to watch later. You can save the stories anonymously and share them with your friends as well.

YouTube Lecture Videos

Some students find it hard to learn and remember plain text. With the help of visual description, it becomes easy for students to help understand a concept better. YouTube is rich in visual content and there is so much that you can discover. By watching videos on YouTube, you can also improve your listening and punctuation skills.

Besides information, it allows students to open conversations and discussions. You can also connect with students all over the world. In recent times, YouTube has become a major source of information, learning, and even a preparation center for students.

Electronic Libraries 

If you don't have an online library for your school, you can get access to millions of books in electronic libraries. They offer materials for all types of courses. You can easily gather more information related to a particular subject.

Besides books, you can gain access to other useful items like magazines, articles, images, videos, dictionaries, etc. You can download some books for free while others may include a small fee.

Study Languages on Duolingo

You can learn multiple languages using Duolingo software. You might be preparing for an exchange program in another country and wish to learn their native language. This application allows you to learn languages in a fun, game-like environment.

You can translate phrases from one language to another. It also allows you to receive real-time feedback on common mistakes as you learn the language.

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