QOTD-Verbal Reasoning-Fill In The Blanks

2019-07-01 | Team PendulumEdu

We let beliefs regulate our lives and dare not _______ their validity, lest we should tamper with the divine order.

   A.  Examine

   B.  Appraise

   C. Weigh

   D. Analyse

   E. Review

Solution: The sentence essentially means that we let our beliefs govern us in the fear that if we try to question their validity, we may incur the wrath of the divine order.

Let us look at the meaning of the words provided to see which word accords with the context of the sentence. The word that would fit the blank should replace, ‘questioning the validity’.

· Examine means to test or question (something)

· Appraise means to assess the performance of an employee

· Weigh refers to assessing something to take a decision

· Analyse is to test something methodically

· Review means a formal assessment of something to bring about a change

From the above meanings, we can see that we can eliminate the words, ‘appraise’, ‘weigh’, ‘analyse’ and ‘review’ as we are neither assessing the performance of an employee nor taking a decision or bringing about a change. Therefore, the only word that fits the blank is ‘examine’.

Hence, A is the correct answer.

Approach to solve such type of question:

The first thing is to understand what the sentence is implying; once the meaning of the sentence is clear, it will be easier to find the word that fits best in the blank.

The second thing that we should do is boost our vocabulary to know the meaning(s) of the words so that we can gauge at first sight which word would be apt to be filled in the blank.

If the options contain words that are synonymous to each other, then try to fit the words one by one in the sentence and choose the best alternative that is suitable in the context of the sentence.

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