QOTD-Verbal Reasoning-Sentence Jumble

2019-07-18 | Team PendulumEdu

Direction: In the given question, a statement has been divided into four segments, each of which is denoted by (A), (B), (C) and (D). Rearrange all the segments of the sentence to form a meaningfully and grammatically correct statement.

   A. and posting them on social media

   B. has brought out the narcissist in us

   C. taking selfies on all occasions

   D. the compulsive behaviour of

  1. ABCD
  2. CBAD
  3. DCBA
  4. DCAB

Solution: The correct sequence is DCAB and the sentence formed after rearrangement is, “The compulsive behaviour of taking selfies on all occasions and posting them on social media has brought out the narcissist in us.

The sentence talks about how selfies are turning humans into narcissists.

The article ‘the’ whenever it appears as the first word, usually starts the sentence. Option (D) starts with an article, ‘the’ making it an appropriate choice for the first phrase.

Option (D) ends with ‘of’, leaving the question “behaviour of what?”. The phrase to follow should answer this question. We find our answer in option (C), “behaviour of taking selfies.”

Out of the remaining options, if B follows C, it forms a complete sentence, and A remains dangling; but if A follows C, it leads to the formation of a meaningful sentence with B as the concluding phrase.

Therefore, A follows C and B follows A.

Hence, (4) is the correct answer.

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