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2020-11-19 | Dinesh Rana

RRB NTPC Free Online Maths

RRB NTPC Exam 2019-2020 is a dream of many students who have filled the application form of RRB NTPC 2019. The students of Hindi medium has also applied to RRB NTPC exam and there is a lack of availability of study material for RRB NTPC Exam in Hindi medium. PendulumEdu has brought a course for RRB NTPC Maths section in Hindi. You can watch the video of all the topics of RRB NTPC Maths section in Hindi.

RRB NTPC Maths Course in Hindi

Topic Name


Number System

  1. Introduction to Number System
  2. Divisibility Rules and Unit Digits
  3. Prime Numbers, Factors and other Basic Concepts
  4. Fractions, Surds, and Indices
  5. Question Session on Number System
  6. HCF and LCM Concepts and Tricks
  7. HCF and LCM Question Session


  1. Basics of Average (Concept and Tricks) Part 1
  2. Basics of Average (Concept and Tricks) Part 2

Ratio, Proportion, and Partnership

  1. Ratio, Proportion and Partnership Part 1
  2. Ratio, Proportion and Partnership Part 2
  3. Ratio, Proportion, and Partnership Question Session

Problems on Ages

Full Concepts of Problems on Ages with Practice Questions



Profit and Loss

  1. Profit and Loss Part 1
  2. Profit and Loss Part 2
  3. Profit and Loss Part 3
  4. Dishonest Dealer

Simple Interest and Compound Interest


Time, Speed, and Distance


Time and Work


Dinesh Rana

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Dinesh is a teacher with 5+ years of experience in teaching for Government jobs exams. He has cleared RRB ALP, SSC CPO, Chandigarh HIghcourt UDC exams. He started his career as an Assistant professor of Mechanical Engineering and entered into teaching Quant for Railways, SSC, and other competitive exams.



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