Daily Current Affairs and GK | 1 October 2020

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1. India successfully test-fired BrahMos supersonic cruise missile.

  • BrahMos supersonic cruise missile with indigenous features has been successfully test-fired by Defence Research and Development Organisation from Balasore in Odisha. 
  • Booster and Airframe Section and many other subsystems of this missile are indigenously developed.
  • It has paved the way for producing indigenous component of the powerful BrahMos Weapon System.
  • BrahMos supersonic cruise missile:
    • It is a medium-range ramjet supersonic missile that can be fired from land, water, and air.
    • It is developed by the joint venture of India (DRDO) and Russia (NPOM).
    • The name BrahMos is taken from the Brahmaputra and the Moskva rivers.
    • It operates on the principle of ‘Fire and Forget’.
    • It is already operational with the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force.
    • It is the fastest supersonic cruise missile in the world.

(Source: brahmos.com)

2. International Day of Older Persons: 1 October

  • The day highlights the contributions of older people to society and raises awareness about the opportunities and challenges of aging in the present century.
  • On 14 December 1990, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution to designate 1 October as the International Day of Older Persons.
  • In 1991, the UN General Assembly adopted the United Nations Principles for Older Persons.
  • In 2019, there were 703 million persons aged above 65 years. 
  • The number of people aged 60 and above is expected to increase from 901 million to 1.5 billion between 2019-50.
  • Theme 2019: “The Journey to Age Equality”
  • Theme 2020: “Pandemics: Do They Change How We Address Age and Ageing?”.




3. NITI Aayog and Embassy of Netherlands signed a pact for decarbonization and energy transition agenda.

  • A pact has been signed between NITI Aayog and the Embassy of Netherlands in support of decarbonization and energy transition agenda for accommodating cleaner and more energy.
  • NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant and the Netherlands Ambassador Marten van den Berg signed a statement of intent in support of the agenda.
  • It will create a comprehensive collaboration among stakeholders and influencers, including policymakers and industrial bodies.
  • Decarbonization: It refers to the reduction or elimination of carbon dioxide from energy sources.
  • Cleaner fuels examples are:
    • Compressed natural gas (CNG)
    • Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)
    • Hydrogen
    • Alcohol-based fuels
  • Netherlands is India’s sixth largest EU trading partner and one of the top five investors in India. It is also the third largest source of FDI for India.
  • Netherlands is a country in Western Europe whose capital is Amsterdam and currency is Euro.



4. Indian passengers can now fly to Kenya and Bhutan with the help of Air Bubble arrangement.

  • Indian Civil Aviation Minister announced that Indian passengers can now fly to Kenya and Bhutan with the help of Air Bubble arrangement.
  • Passengers of these countries can also fly to India.
  • India has already made this arrangement for several countries like Canada, Japan, France, etc.
  • Air bubble arrangement: It is a temporary arrangement between two countries to restart commercial passenger services as regular international flights are suspended due to COVID -19 pandemic.
  • Ministry of Civil Aviation:
    • It is responsible for the formulation of national policies and programs for the development and regulation of the Civil Aviation sector.
    • Civil Aviation Minister: Hardeep Singh Puri
    • It has administrative control over autonomous organizations:
      • Directorate General of Civil Aviation
      • Bureau of Civil Aviation Security
      • Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Udan Academy

5. The Foundation day of Harijan Sevak Sangh celebrated: 30 September.

  • On 30th September 1932, Harijan Sevak Sangh was founded by Gandhi Ji in Yervada Jail of Pune.
  • The immediate cause of the formation of Harijan Sevak Sangh is the segregation of depressed classes into a separate electoral group announced during Second Round Table Conference in 1931.
  • Gandhi Ji opposed this separate electoral group for the depressed classes.
  • Harijan Sevak Sangh:
    • Depressed classes were called Harijan by Gandhi Ji, which means children of God.
    • The Sangh was formed to combat untouchability.
    • The Sangh started a new weekly paper called the Harijan.
    • It was founded in 1932 after the communal award given to the depressed class.
    • It constructed many schools, roads, and temples for the depressed classes.

(Source: News on AIR)

6. Social Justice and Empowerment Ministry launched Ambedkar Social Innovation & Incubation Mission.

  • Social Justice and Empowerment Minister, Thaawarchand Gehlot, has launched Ambedkar Social Innovation and Incubation Mission under Venture Capital Fund for SCs.
  • It will promote innovation and entrepreneurship among SC students studying in higher education institutions.
  • It will provide financial assistance to SC entrepreneurs.
  • Nearly one thousand SC youth will be identified with start-up ideas through the Technology Business Incubators and they will be funded 30 lakh for three years as equity funding.
  • Successful start-ups will get five crore rupees from the Venture capital for the SCs.
  • Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment:
    • Social Justice and Empowerment Minister: Thaawarchand Gehlot
    • It is responsible for welfare, social justice, and the empowerment of disadvantaged and marginalized sections of society.
    • Statutory bodies under Social Justice and Empowerment Ministry:
      • Office of the Chief Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities
      • Rehabilitation Council of India
      • National Trust for the Welfare of Persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation, and Multiple Disabilities

7. Anundoram Borooah Award 2020 given to students by Assam Government.

  • The Chief Minister of Assam Sarbananda Sonowal presented the Anundoram Borooah Award 2020 to students who secured 75 percent or above in matriculation.
  • In this award, a cash prize of 20 thousand rupees was transferred in the bank accounts of students for purchasing laptops.
  • Anundoram Borooah Award:
    • It was launched in 2005 by the Assam government.
    • It aims is to enhance healthy competition amongst the student community.
    • It also helps them to enrich their perception through up-to-date knowledge and information with the help of IT education.
    • Eligibility: More than 75% in matriculation.

8. 124th Birth Anniversary of Jana Neta Hijam Irawat celebrated.

  • The 124th Birth Anniversary of Jana Neta Hijam Irawat was celebrated in various parts of North East India.
  • Jana Neta Hijam Irawat:
    • He was a revolutionary social activist from Manipur.
    • He was born on 30th September 1896.
    • He worked as the vice-president of Nikhil Manipuri Hindu Mahasabha.

(Source: Wikipedia)

  • Manipur:
    • Manipur is a state in northeast India.
    • Its capital is Imphal.
    • It borders Nagaland in the north, Mizoram in the south and Assam in the west, and Myanmar in the east.
    • The Governor of Manipur is Najma Heptulla and Chief Minister is N. Biren Singh.
    • The state animal of Manipur is the Sangai deer.
    • The state flower is Shirui Lily and the state bird is Hume Peasant.

9. New logo of Sports Authority of India launched.

  • Sports Authority of India’s (SAI) new logo has been released by Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju in New Delhi.
  • The event was attended by Sports Secretary Ravi Mital, Indian Olympic Association President Narinder Batra, and Director General SAI Sandip Pradhan at Major Dhyan Chand Stadium.
  • Its new logo signifies SAI’s journey of identifying and nurturing grassroots level sporting talent to create excellence in sports.
  • Sports Authority of India (SAI):
    • It was established in 1982 to promote the sports ecosystem in the country.
    • It is responsible for identifying the talent and nurture them at par with international standards.
    • It works under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports.
    • Headquarters: New Delhi

(Source: News on AIR)

10. CDRI Award 2020 given to Dr. Bushra Ateeq, Dr. Surajit Ghosh and Dr. Ravi Manjithaya.

  • CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI), Lucknow has given CDRI Award 2020 to Dr. Bushra Ateeq, Dr. Surajit Ghosh and Dr. Ravi Manjithaya. They have been awarded for their work on cancer.
  • CDRI Award was started in 2004. Only Indian Nationals who have an age of less than 45 years and done outstanding research in the area directly affecting Drug Research and Development are eligible for the award.
  • The award is given in Chemical Sciences and Life Sciences and consists of a cash prize of Rs. 20,000/- and a citation.
  • Head of Institutions/Organization/Universities/Industries, Bhatnagar Awardees and Fellows of National Science Academies nominate awardees.
  • Many earlier winners of the CDRI Award have won Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award, which is also thought of as the Indian Noble Prize in Science and Technology.
  • Dr. Bushra Ateeq has also won the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award in medical sciences for the year 2020. She has won CDRI Award 2020 in Biological Sciences and worked on new therapeutic avenues for prostate cancer.
  • Dr. Surajit Ghosh has also won CDRI Award 2020 in Biological Sciences. He has contributed to the Discovery of Nuclear Localizing Cell Penetrating Peptide (CPP) for an anticancer drug.
  • Dr. Ravi Manjithaya has won the CDRI Award 2020 in Chemical Sciences. He has identified autophagy-modulating small molecules.
  • Autophagy is a process of recycling of damaged cells.
  • CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI) is located in Lucknow. Its director is Tapas Kumar Kundu. It was established in 1951.

11. Dr. Harsh Vardhan launches CSIR Technologies for rural development.

  • Dr. Harsh Vardhan has launched CSIR Technologies for rural development during the celebration of the 40th Foundation Day of CSIR-NISTADS (National Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies).
  • CSIR-NISTADS e-Compendium and e-Coffee Table Book has also been launched.
  • CSIR Technologies for rural development, a joint initiative of IIT Delhi, Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, Vijnana Bharti and CSIR consist of four technologies given below.

  • As part of the initiative, the technologies developed by CSIR will be spread to society by using the Higher Education Institutional network of UBA and local chapters of VIBHA.
  • CSIR-NISTADS is a nodal CSIR Lab. It will form linkages between CSIR laboratories, UBA, VIBHA, and stakeholders.
  • CSIR-NISTADS is located in New Delhi. Its director is Prashant Goswami. It was formed in 1980. 
  • Dr. Harsh Vardhan said that 45 Regional Coordinating Institutions (RCIs) and 2,614 Participating Institutions (PIs) are now part of Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA) of the Ministry of Education. He also said that 13,760 villages had been adopted under UBA.
  • CSIR, UBA, Vijnana Bharti also have planned for a framework for scientific intervention to create sustainable livelihood opportunities in the rural clusters.
  • Vijnana Bharti is a non-profit organization founded by Prof. K.I. Vasu to popularize ancient sciences. It was earlier called Swadeshi Science Movement.

12. Conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia enters into the fourth day.

  • The tension between these two countries escalated as violent clashes entered into the fourth day along the border of Armenia-Azerbaijan.
  • The main reason for the conflict is the territorial dispute of the Nagorno-Karabakh region.
  • The immediate cause of this conflict is the killing of Azerbaijani soldiers and an Artillery fire near Tavush region.
  • Reason for conflict:
    • Nagorno-Karabakh region has a majority population of Armenian Christians.  Azerbaijan is a Muslim majority country.
    • After the fall of Soviet Union, both Armenia and Azerbaijan claimed this strategic territory but the enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh decided to become an autonomous region of Soviet Azerbaijan.
    • The situation worsened when Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Oblast, an administrative unit decided to join Armenia.
  • Nagorno-Karabakh region: It is a disputed territory internationally recognized as part of Azerbaijan but governed by the Republic of Artsakh, an ethnic group of Armenia.

Source: (Eurasiatimes.com)







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