Question of The Day21-12-2019

Which of the following texts is known as the fifth Veda?


Correct Answer : b ) Natyashastra

Explanation :

Natyashastra is known as the fifth Veda. It was written by Bharat Muni. It is the earliest text for dance, drama and music.

Abhinaya Darpana is a text for the study of body movements in Bharatnatyam. It was written by Nandikesvara.

Balarama Bharatam and Hastalakshana Deepika are texts for Kathakali. Balarama Bharatam was written by Karthika Thirunal Bala Rama Varma, who was the king of Travancore from 1724–1798. He was given the title of Dharma Raja.

Hence, b is the correct answer.

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