Question of The Day20-12-2019

Choose the appropriate option to fill the blank

I want someone to come forward voluntarily and grab the opportunity to make this street _________ for living.


Correct Answer : b ) better

Explanation :

The sentence is in a positive tone, i.e., it talks about someone coming forward to make the street improve as compared to its current condition.

Let us look at the meanings of the given words one by one.

Impair means To reduce the soundness or effectiveness.

Better mean More desirable or To be superior than other.

Worse means to be of poor quality.

Develop means to grow or cause to grow.

Blemish means to spoil the appearance or quality of something.

After looking at the meanings of the words, we can see that the best choice to fill the blank is better.

There can be confusion between ‘better’ and ‘develop’, but as per the meaning of develop we can use ‘develop’ when something has just started, which is not the case here. The street already has people living there, the condition of street needed improvement so ‘better’ is the word to be filled in the blank.

All other words are opposite to the tone of the sentence.

Hence, (B) is the correct answer.

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