Question of The Day22-04-2023

Disputes related to the election of the President are decided by - 


Correct Answer : b ) The Supreme Court

Explanation :

According to Article 71, all doubts and disputes relating to the election of the President or the Vice-President shall be inquired into and decided by the Supreme Court whose decision shall be final. If the election of a person as President or Vice President is declared void by the Supreme court, acts done by him in the exercise and performance of the powers and duties of the office of President or Vice President, as the case may be, on or before the date of the decision of the Supreme Court shall not be invalidated by reason of that declaration. As per Article 14 of the Presidential and Vice-Presidential Elections Act,1952, an election petition can be filed in Supreme Court.

President of India is elected indirectly through the single transferable vote. Article 54 of the Indian Constitution is related to the election of the President. 

Hence, (b) is the correct answer.



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