Question of The Day31-03-2020

Select the correct passive form of the given sentence.

She wrote a letter


Correct Answer : a ) A letter was written by her.

Explanation :

Active structure: Subject (She) + verb (wrote) + object (a letter)

To convert active voice to passive voice, we follow the following structure:

Passive structure: object (a letter) + helping verb (was) + third form of verb (written) + preposition (by) + subject (her)

The following rules are used:

  • In simple past tense, verb(wrote) will be changed as helping verb(was/were) + third form of verb(written).
  • wrote – was written
  • The subject(she) changes to ‘her’

So, sentence in passive voice will be “A letter was written by her”.

Hence, a is the correct answer.

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