Question of The Day11-07-2020

Choose the most appropriate option to change the narration (direct / indirect) of the given sentence.

Akshay said to Ravi, "I can buy that watch from the store near to my house."


Correct Answer : c ) Akshay told Ravi that he could buy that watch from the store near to his house.  

Explanation :

In Indirect speech,

When Reporting verb (said to) in past Tense and reported speech is having "can" after subject + First form of Verb (buy).

Commas and inverted commas are replaced with ‘that’.

Then, we have to change "can" to "could" + First form of verb (buy).

can buy- could buy

All the present modals (can) change to past (could) modals.

First person ‘I’ changes to ‘he’ as per the subject i.e. ‘Akshay’.

The complement part (that watch from the store near to my house) of the sentence takes no change.

The indirect form is – ‘Akshay told Ravi that he could buy that watch from the store near to his house.’

Hence, option C is the correct answer.

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