Question of The Day21-04-2020

Choose the most appropriate option to change the narration (direct / indirect) of the given sentence.

Shiv said to me, "You may play".


Correct Answer : d ) Shiv told me that I might play.

Explanation :

In the given sentence, reporting verb (said to) is in past tense and reported speech is having ‘may’ after subject (You) + First form of verb (play).

The reporting verb (said to) will convert to ‘told’.

Commas and inverted commas are omitted and the sentence ends with the full stop.

Conjunction ‘that’ is added before the indirect statement

Now the change of pronoun will take place as per the rule, i.e., “First person is changed as per subject, second person as per object and third person will have no change”.

‘You’ changes to ‘I’ according to the object i.e. ‘me’.

In indirect speech, change ‘may’ to ‘might’ + first form of verb (play).

The indirect form is – "Shiv told me that I might play."

Hence, d is the correct answer.

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