Question of The Day16-06-2020

In the questions below, a sentence is given with two blanks that indicate that some parts are missing. Identify the correct pair of words that fit in the sentence to make it grammatically and contextually correct.

Many banks are unwilling to ________ losses of that magnitude, leading to a tussle between lenders and ________ buyers over valuations.


Correct Answer : a ) Accept, potential

Explanation :

The first filler explains that banks are not willing to take up losses of high magnitude and this is leading a disturbance between lenders and future/prospective buyers.

‘Option d’ is not the correct answer as the word ‘unconvincing’ does not satisfy the second filler. But ‘potential’ is the appropriate adjective to qualify ‘buyers’.

Hence, option a is the correct answer.

The Fill in the blank type of question of English Language section is being asked in government jobs exams like Banking, SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SBI CLERK, various IBPS exams. Attempting this question will help you learn a new grammar concept. PendulumEdu offers a variety of mock tests for you to up your skills in order to excel in these exams.



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