Question of The Day04-01-2022

Given below are four jumbled sentences. Pick the option that gives their correct order.

A.    There is, however, one real dragon that does exist: the Komodo dragon.

B.    You have probably heard or read at least one fairy tale with a dragon as a character.

C.    In these stories, dragons fly around breathing fire and frightening innocent people, until a brave knight comes along and kills the dragon.

D.    But there is no proof that these fairy tale dragons ever existed.


Correct Answer : a ) BCDA

Explanation :

The given paragraph is about the fairy tales and stories and the characters we have heard of in our childhood days.

  • The first sentence will be B as it states that we might have heard of fairy tales and dragons. The rest of the sentences talks further about it.
  • And in C, about such stories is mentioned that in these stories, dragons fly around torturing people. C will follow B
  • Next, contradicting C's statement is D with the keyword 'but.' It discusses that there is no certainty that these dragons existed.
  • And at last, in A, further contrast is expressed by stating that one real dragon, i.e., the Komodo dragon exists.

Hence, (a), i.e., BCDA is the correct answer.



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