Question of The Day21-05-2022

Select the most appropriate idiom (in the context) to fill in the sentence.

Everyone tells me that I _______ my mother, but I don’t feel so.


Correct Answer : d ) take after

Explanation :

Idiom ‘Cut to chase’ means to talk about the important parts of a subject and not waste time with things that are not important. Example: The speaker at the seminar came up and said that we don’t have enough time so he would rather cut to the chase.

Idiom ‘Blow off steam’ means to take action to relieve stress.

Example: After having an argument with my younger sister, I took a walk to blow off steam.

Idiom ‘Keep up’ means to keep or manage the pace with.

Example: I try to keep up with my father’s speed when we go for a run.

Idiom ‘take after’ means to resemble.

Example: My cousin does not take after his father.

The given sentence talks that someone resembles her mother or she looks the same as her mother.

Hence, (d) is the correct answer.



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