Question of The Day20-05-2022

Which of the following Committees recommended a poverty line based on nutritional requirements exclusively?


Correct Answer : c ) Alagh Committee

Explanation :

Alagh Committee was formed by the Planning Commission in 1979 under the chairmanship of Y K Alagh. The committee recommended a poverty line based on nutritional requirements exclusively.

Lakdawala Committee was formed in 1993. It recommended construction of State specific poverty lines and thier updation using the CPI-IW (Industrial Workers) in urban areas and CPI-AL (Agricultural labours) in rural areas.

Tendulkar Committee was chaired by Suresh Tendulkar. It was formed by Planning Commission in 2009. The calculations made by the committee were based on consumption of items like milk, pulses, edible oil, etc.

Rangarajan Committee was constituted in 2012.  It recommended having separate all-India rural and urban poverty basket lines and deriving state-level rural and urban estimates from these. The poverty line should be based on certain normative levels of adequate nourishment, clothing, house rent, conveyance and education, and a behaviorally determined level of other non-food expenses.

Hence, option (C) is correct.

This question was asked in GS Paper 1 of OPSC OAS 2021.



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