Question of The Day03-05-2020

Which of the following have bagged the GI Tag recently?

1. Chak-Hao

2. Kovilpatti Kadalai Mittai

3. Gorakhpur Terracotta


Correct Answer : a ) 1, 2 and 3

Explanation :

Recently, the black rice of Manipur Chak-Hao and the Gorakhpur terracotta have been given the GI tag.

Chak-Hao is scented glutinous rice cultivated in Manipur and is generally consumed during community feasts.

Gorakhpur Terracotta is an old traditional art form in which the artisans make animal figures by providing them shape with their hands. Some of the notable products include Hauda elephants, single-face Ganesha, deer, hanging bells, etc.

Along with these two goods, Kovilpatti kadalai mittai was also granted the Geographical Indication tag. It is manufactured in Kovilpatti and nearby towns and villages in Thoothukudi district.

Kovilpatti kadalai mittai is a candy that is made of peanuts, special jaggery 'vellam', grated coconut dyed pink, yellow and green, and glistening syrup.

Hence, (a) is the correct answer.

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