Question of The Day23-10-2019

Which of the following states is the most innovative state as per India Innovation Index (III) 2019?


Correct Answer : b ) Karnataka

Explanation :

India Innovation Index (III) 2019 has been released recently by NITI Aayog in partnership with Institute for Competitiveness. The index is based on the study of innovation capabilities and performance of 29 states and seven union territories of India. Karnataka is the most innovative state in India. Tamil Nadu is second most innovative state of India followed by Maharashtra, Telangana, Haryana, and Kerala in India Innovation Index (III) 2019.

Gujarat is ranked at nine in the index while Sikkim is at the top among the northeastern and hill states. Among Union Territories, City states or Small States, Delhi and Chandigarh occupy first and second places respectively. III 2019 shows that the innovation capabilities and performance in south and western parts of India are strong. But, there is a west-south and north-east divide across the country.

Hence, (B) is the correct answer.

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