Question of The Day26-01-2020

Who among the following releases Democracy Index?


Correct Answer : a ) Economic Intelligence Unit

Explanation :

Democracy Index is released by the Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU), which is a UK-based company.

The index ranks 165 independent states and 2 territories on the basis of five broad categories having 60 indicators- electoral process and pluralism, political culture, the functioning of government, civil liberties, and political participation.

The countries are further classified into one of the four regimes based on their scores in the 60 indicators. These regimes are- Full Democracy, Flawed Democracy, Hybrid Regime, and Authoritarian Regime.

2019 Democracy Index is the 12th edition of the index and is topped by Norway while India's rank declined to 51st position. India has been classified as a flawed democracy.

Hence, A is the correct answer. 

Questions related to Reports and Indices are asked in various government exams like UPSC CSE, UPPCS, other State PCS, SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, IBPS PO, etc.

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